Tips You Need To Know When Buying Tickets

Your Ultimate Guide to Securing Concert Tickets

So, your favorite artist just announced a new tour, and they’re hitting a city near you – and you absolutely must be there! We’ve got you covered with essential tips to ensure you’re ready when those tickets drop, maximizing your chances of catching the live performance you’ve been dreaming of.

Preparing for the Ticket Sale

Before the ticket sale frenzy begins, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check Your Ticketmaster Account: Ensure your account is prepped with up-to-date payment information, email, and phone number. Don’t have an account yet? No problem – setting one up is quick and easy, essential for seamless ticket purchasing.
  2. Confirm Your Card Info: Make sure your credit card details are current for swift checkout, and double-check the expiration date. If you’re purchasing tickets for an international event, consider notifying your credit card company beforehand. Also, watch out for potential delays such as spending limits or required bank pre-authorizations.

Day-Of Ticket Sale Checklist

When the big day arrives, follow these essential steps:

  1. Avoid Public Wi-Fi: Opt for a secure internet connection or your mobile network to ensure smooth ticket purchasing. Public Wi-Fi can be unreliable and insecure, potentially disrupting your transaction.
  2. No Automations, Please: Keep it authentic – avoid using AI bots or browser extensions to game the sale. Let’s keep it human.
  3. Take It to the Limit: Be mindful of ticket limits set for some shows; you can locate this information next to the artist’s name. Find it either behind the “More Info” button on the event details page or by tapping the “i” when viewing on mobile. Additionally, remember that there’s a finite window for completing your purchase, especially for high-demand events where ticket availability can fluctuate quickly.
  4. Don’t Refresh Your Browser: Once you’ve added tickets to your cart, resist the urge to refresh or navigate away. Doing so could disrupt your purchase and lead to missed opportunities.

What to Expect After You’ve Bought Tix

You’ve successfully secured your tickets – now what?

  1. Access Your Tickets: Ensure your mobile tickets are readily accessible for the big day. Download the Ticketmaster app, sign in, and head to My Events to effortlessly access your tickets. You can even add them to your mobile wallet for added convenience or use the Ticketmaster App to scan the tickets.
  2. Sharing is Caring: If you’re attending the event with friends and you’re the ticket purchaser, use the Transfer feature to share individual tickets seamlessly. Streamlining entry means more time to enjoy the live experience together.

With these expert tips at your fingertips, you’re well-equipped to navigate ticket sales like a pro. Get ready to secure your spot and experience the magic of live music – don’t miss out on the concert adventure of a lifetime!