jxdn: From TikTok hype to global rock star in only two years

Jaden Isiah Hossler, aka jxdn, joined TikTok in 2019, and now has over nine million followers. In February 2020 he released his first single "Comatose".

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Photo: Mandee Mallonee

jxdn released his debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow on July 2nd, 2021. The album features guest vocalists Machine Gun Kelly and iann dior, with the former collaborating with jxdn on lead single ‘Wanna Be‘.

JXDN – WANNA BE (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) (Official Video)

The album was released on Travis Barker’s label DTA Records with Barker also producing the 18-track album. Musically, it’s an energetic mix of pop and punk – showcasing jxdn’s rising rockstar status.

An album that both cements [jxdn’s] place in the current pop-punk revival –and shows that he’s only getting started


Jxdn lights the world on fire with debutlp… The 18 tracks stand tall


Interview with jxdn

You went from uploading TikToks to releasing your first single in 2020. How was the journey from TikTok creator to musician and how does it feel to have your life changed in such a short space of time?

jxdn: TikTok was a small step on a long staircase. Forever grateful for any opportunity I was given from the very beginning, but as soon as I found my purpose (wanting to create music) I was not going to stay where I was. Life is short but days are long. I’m just grateful. 

Your debut album ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow‘ was released recently on the 2nd of July. What influenced your work? How would you describe the process of recording during the pandemic and did it influence your work, music or lyrics?

jxdn:Tell Me About Tomorrow‘ is the perfect baby between Blink-182 & Taking Back Sunday with a head of New Gen Punk. The pandemic gave me a time to be patient with my music. Which gave it the maturity it needed to be solidified as a realistic new sound.

Your album is an excellent modern take on alternative rock. It blends pure rock with the current zeitgeist extremely well. What is it that defines the new generation’s rock for you?              

jxdn: New Gen Rock is what New Gen Rock makes it. The plane is wide and varies is form.
You need a notarized structure with and fresh perspective to create this sound.
Me and Travis have come a long way together in finding the right way to express it. 

You’ve collaborated with huge names such as Machine Gun Kelly and iann dior. How were those experiences and are there other artists you dream of collaborating with? 

jxdn: I’m super blessed to even have these people as friends let alone colleagues. They took me and made me family which is more than I could ever ask for. When you have that the music essentially makes itself. Life is beautiful.

Which song do you look forward most to performing at your concerts? What can your fans in general expect from your first headline tour?

jxdn: Playing Angels & Demons live is just a different feeling. It completes takes over the room or venue and fills it with an insane energy. I’m so grateful for the creation of this song. Be ready to have your life changed!

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